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Keeping Cool Printed In Costa Calida Chronicle



Here’s the summer cry from every child up and down the Costas of Spain, “I’m hot Mum”

Mum’s reply “have some water”, “Don’t want any”,

Mum says “do you want an ice cream?”, “Yes please”

Child gets ice cream and is told to sit on plastic sun bed, and the cry comes again “Mum it’s hot”

“Well go and sit on the other sun bed, it is made of textilen material and is breathable so won’t be hot. Did you know that this material idea came from the suits the men wore in space?”, “No. Mum, I like this Sun Bed - is this the one you bought from Furniture Plus with the matching table and chairs?” “Yes dear”.

“I won’t drop my ice cream on it Mum – Honest”. “Don’t worry about it they are washable”.

Here we go again, “Mum, I’m hot and my ice cream is melting before I can eat it”

Mum’s reply – “So go and sit under one of the parasols in the shade and finish your ice cream”.

“Mum, I do like these parasols you bought from Furniture Plus, my favourite colour is the yellow one with the frills around the edges. The stone base to hold it up is very heavy, I can’t move it”. Mum thinks that’s not a bad thing!

“Mum, I have finished my ice cream and I’m hot again”. Mum says “well go in the pool”.

Some peace at last, but not for long, “Mum, I’m tired”

Mum’s reply “Go and lay on the sunbed”

“Mum, it’s not as comfortable as the mattress on my bed that you bought from Furniture Plus”.

Mum’s reply “Get the new thick sun bed cushion you bought with Daddy this morning out of the car and put it on the sun bed”

“Mum, this sun bed cushion is soft and comfy” and after a while the child is asleep.

Mum looks down on the sleeping child and says I am so glad we went to Furniture Plus.

Yes, you guessed right, written by Chris at Furniture Plus, we like to help in any way we can to make your life easier in Spain……and have some fun along the way.



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