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With the credit crunch and the Euro exchange rate today you cannot afford to miss these tips on buying furniture in Spain to help you avoid regrets or mistakes.

When buying your furniture you need to get the measurements of all the rooms. Developers are making properties smaller than they did a few years ago. Plans will often show the the room area in square meters but not the dimensions necessary for fitting in furniture. When looking at properties or show houses take a tape measure and note book and record measurements to check actual sizes.

It is important to measure at floor level between the skirting tiles, areas for beds and bedsides, living area alllowing height to windows, where pillars and doors are located etc. In a duplex do not assume an upstairs room is the same as that downstairs, even if it is directly above and looks identical.

When we first opened our business 6 years ago we could put into a double room a double or even a king size bed, 2 bedside tables, a chest of drawers and often a dressing table and stool. Now we are lucky to fit in a normal-sized double and 2 bedside tables.

Twin bedded rooms are a much bigger problem. A lot of the show houses display 2 single beds with a bedside. LOOK at the beds: What size are they? Are they the normal 3ft (90 x 190 cms) beds or are they Spanish size somier and mattress with headboards (80 x 180 cms) This is very important: you need to measure from the headboard wall to the door frame for the length of bed you can fit in, or you may not be able to open and close the bedroom door or the wardrobe doors.

At furniture Plus we give our customers a good, professional service, value for money and will help in any way we can. We do not just sell furniture packages; we are a one stop shop and sell one item to a full pack.

Many of our customers come from recommendations and return again and again. We often have our old customers coming to see us just for a visit and a chat over a cup of coffee to get an update or asking for advice on where to go for this, that or the other.

We include in our prices free delivery to surrounding areas, I.V.A., no extra charges for using a credit card, full assembly of furniture and fixing of curtain poles and mirrors. If you have our linen package we make the beds for you, with our household pack we wash everything and put away in cupboards, and if you have our kitchen appliances they are plumbed in ready for use (subject to appropriate connections being available). Patio furniture is left ready for your use so all in all you have nothing to do but open the wine and start enjoying your new home in the sun.




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