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Look at renting out your property as a business to earn you revenue.

This means comfortable beds, mattresses and good quaility furniture are important to aid you in this project to ensure recommendations and repeat trade.

Referrals are the best and cheapest form of advertising if you get it right.

Buying a furniture package is a good thing because you can buy everything under one roof. It saves you a lot of time and effort as everything is done for you, after you have chosen your requirements. A good showroom will answer all your questions and guide you through the whole process for the needs of your property.

You need solid, sturdy furniture, easy to repair and clean, also a range which can be obtained again or added too if required. People do not always treat your property as you would.

Veneer covered furniture and shiny woods and varnishes are hard to remove scratches, chips and marks form. Glass top tables etc look nice but scratch easily and this shows up far more in the bright Spanish sunlight. People often ask for leather suites but you do stick to them in the summer and they are very cold for the winter as there is generally not the heating as in U.K. Some people use throws over the leather sofas, they are untidy, get grubby and have been known to be taken to the pool area or beach. When choosing your materials for chairs and sofas do not pick light colours as people are using sun creams and lotions more here. Try reds, oranges and terracotta colours, great amongst the white walls and gives a warming glow of welcome.

BEDS need to be bedsteads, so cleaners can sweep and mop under them, helps with air flow for the hot nights plus somewhere to put the cases.

DO NOT BUY cheap mattresses, buy good quality ones if you want those recommendations. Part of any holiday is a good nights sleep and not wake up with a bad back. We are forever hearing that the "super cheap" beds are so uncomfortable and we have a good trade replacing these beds and mattress.

If you are in Spain buying your furniture package, sit on the sofas, lay on the mattresses. Look at everthing you are buying for YOUR money. Is the quality the correct standard for hardy wear and tear? Remember, get it right first time! This will save you money in the following years.

DO make sure that included in the price of your package is I.V.A., delivery, everything fitted and left ready for use. This also means the beds made, kitchen package washed up and ready for use and NO hidden extra charges.

And finally, is the price in Pounds Sterling or Euros.

Furniture Plus. Here to help you because we care. We want you to enjoy your new home in the sun and maximise the return on your investment.



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