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I started writing articles on furniture to assist people buying in Spain in the hope you could avoid some of the mistakes and not waste money on purchases.

Now I would like to talk generally about some of the horror stories about Spain, which is being slated by the U.K. media, some of it is unfair.

We are the first to admit there are some bad practices going on here, where people are being ripped off, but it also happens in England, not just Spain.

When you come to buy your property here follow the same code of ethics as England and have your own solicitor recommended by someone you trust and who has used them, not just heard third or fourth hand about them. PLEASE do not use the same one as the developer or seller. This will save you a lot of problems if there are diffiticulties to be found. TAKE your solicitors advice - some do not.

If you are not sure of the people you are dealing with and your instincts are telling you something is not right, DO NOT DO IT, find someone else or another property.

The housing market prices have dropped here, no different to the rest of the world. Like the rest of the world things will pick up again. Some people bought property here as a get rich quick scheme and the recession has stopped them in their tracks.

When you find where you want to live, as in U.K, talk to the neighbours, they should know the pros and cons of the area or urbanisation. Get more than one opinion as there are always Doom Mongers and Happy Jacks, try to get a real balance.

 There are a lot of people going back to U.K. because of the recession so they say, but did they work out a plan before they came. We know people who arrived here with no jobs, no Spanish, with children, not enough money to carry them through, they took a gamble and it did not work. Give them some credit, they tried a new life for their family and if you get it right it is a good life. Lets not forget the people who came here and did not put the right thinking hats on when it came to work ethics because they wanted to party and go to the beach  and were unreliable employees or their businesses failed.

The pensioners have suffered because of the Euro rate falling but at least the Poll Tax is around 900 pounds less, heating bills smaller than England and we have the sunshine. Some people go back because they miss their families.

To avoid horror stories think before you buy, can you really afford it without renting it out Do not get carried away with ideas until you have really thought them through and decide what is good for you.

In whatever you do use the best companies with good, professional reputations and can back up their goods and services with decent premises, website, advertising, honesty and recommendations. View everything and DO NOT be fobbed off, because you would not do it in England




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